Sample Galleries

Before and After  - a change in mat colour, addition of mat decoration or a completely new design makeover can spruce up a tired old picture and give it a whole new lease on life. Update and keep up with the times, the old can become new again!

Needlework - Fabric art of all kinds represents a level of creativity, craftsmanship and personal commitment that makes it the ideal subject for a beautiful frame design. The power and intensity of the art allows for freer use of strong colour, texture and decoration than many other art forms.

Objects - Almost anything that has a connection to your life can be framed. presentation can be informative, whimsical , sentimental or purely aesthetic. Let your imagination roam free!

Sports - Jerseys, jackets, equipment, cards, photos or any combination of the above. Show your team spirit!

Moulding Styles - see some of the beautiful frame styles that we carry

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